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Journal of JPIC 3(2): 38-42 (2018)


カテーテル治療に使う医療材料のいろはMedical Devices for Pediatric Interventional Cardiology A to Z

昭和大学病院小児循環器・成人先天性心疾患センターPediatric Heart Disease & Adult Congenital Heart Disease Center, Showa University Hospital ◇ Tokyo, Japan

受付日:2018年8月23日Received: August 23, 2018
受理日:2018年11月16日Accepted: November 16, 2018
発行日:2018年12月31日Published: December 31, 2018



Many types of devices are necessary for therapeutic catheterization in diverse congenital heart diseases. Operator must be familiar with property and method of usage of these devices, while under health insurance system, we should be aware of official indications and of reimbursement prices for medical devices. I aimed to review medical devices for pediatric therapeutic catheterization from such stand of points.

Key words: therapeutic catheterization; indication; reimbursement price; medical device

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